Why Press-ons?

What is custom press on nails?

Custom press on nails can be made to to meet our own needs and fit our nail sizes. It can be worn according to different occasions, needs and wearing like our clothes and accessories.


What are the characteristics of Shinemiss custom press on nails?

  • Professional Acrylic nails: the thin rear edge is light & non-marking when it fits our nails; the front edge is hard and can support various decorations on the press on nail
  • Personal customization: make Acrylic nails according to each customer's nail size, nail surface shape and nail surface curvature
  • Handmade: Each product is carefully designed & handcrafted by a manicurist with Ingenious creation, who insist on fashion are with temperature
  • Personalized customization: Customers can send sample or inspiration for creative customization
  • Convenience: don’t have to go to the nail shop and require the manicurist to operate the nails face to face, which can save time & cost. Just choose the style, provide the nail size, and match with different clothes anytime, anywhere
  • Style: The pattern is changeable, the style is versatile, exquisite and fashionable. There is a story behind every product
  • Safety and health: Safe disassembly, no damage to the nail surface, repeated use, free replacement, can be used for personal use or gifts for friends, pregnant women and other special groups can also be used